A world of discovery



A world of discovery

Products and display stands that are designed to draw the attention of your customers, spur their interest, encourage impulse purchases, and generate additional sales.


For anyone keen on reaping an optimal return on valuable commercial space through the sale of popular books and products at attractive prices, we are THE solution.

Since 1990, Rodel Distribution enables owners and managers of retail stores to boost revenues and profitability with the sales of popular brain games, books, and other items.

As one of the few companies that control the full supply chain from product design, printing, distribution to in-store merchandising, Rodel Distribution enables you to benefit from a wide range of very popular products while avoiding any frustrating out-of-stock situations.

Building on the reputation for excellence of our Client Services group, we offer a custom turnkey program for each store.

With our control of each level of the supply chain, your customers can enjoy products:

  • In high demand;
  • At the best price;
  • With regular supply.

And with our guaranteed sales principle:

  • Multiply your sales per square foot;
  • Maximize your profitability.

A winning solution for your customers, you, and us.



Alain Delorme

Directeur général – Édition

Jean Guy Provencher

Directrice commerciale

Isabelle Mann

Directeur d’entrepôt

Patrick Ouellet


Véronika Byelyanina